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Group Events for Clubs

Creating a Club Event From the club page, select Add Club Event. Please note that only the clubs' creators can add group events. Fill out the details for your event in the Group Event lightbox. Once you've completed the required fields (marked with ...

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Garcia by Strava
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Creating your Strava Club Event

Did you know that if you are the owner or admin of a club you can create club events? Club events are a great way to engage with your club members, meet new members and grow your club. If you have a route you would like to use for your event, you can...

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Scout by Moderator
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Resolved! Club Verification | Process

I along with some other members of Strava’s Club Organizer Network (link) have submitted forms to have our clubs verified but have yet to hear anything from the Strava team - is there a standard ETA for this process as it was many weeks since an appl...

Creating your own Club on Strava

If you enjoy one of the many activity types on Strava, have a brand you love or just want to meet others in your area; chances are there’s a Strava club that fits your interest. There are clubs for a variety of sport types, universities, big names in...

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Scout by Moderator
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Resolved! Feedback from a group admin 🙂

Hi everyone,First of all, thanks for this great initiative to listen to feedback from your users  I was taught in a previous company that "feedback is a gift" and I know its importance as a Product Manager myself  Some various feedback from our group...

Embedding Leaderboard not authorized

Our club uses the embed iframe html snippet to display our club's recent activity and leaderboard on our website. It was working great, but no longer dispalys any strava data, the frame is blank. Are embedded feeds no longer available?

Resolved! Community Hub App

I’m pleased the Hub exists, but being purely in a browser is limiting the experience.   I suggest you consider either a Strava Community App or an extension to the core App.   The extension could be a new tab via You (alongside Progress, Activities, ...

BryanC by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! How to start a new club

Hi Strava:  We would like to start a employee fitness club on Strava.  What is the best way to start the fitness group??