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Free yearly Strava subscription for ideas suggested on this platform that are delivered :)

I suggest we earn a free yearly subscription on Strava for ideas suggested on this platform that are delivered. Most companies pay for this service and here we are coming up with all the good ideas for free. This would also bring more people here to create and vote on ideas. 


Your kidding me? Sounds like their management needs a shake up. 
There should be a team dedicated to implementing these great FREE ideas. 


And it wouldn't cost them much. either! In the two years these forums have been in existence they've only delivered on about 46 suggestions!
Normally I would say you have a stellar idea, there. But in a previous thread , one of the moderators admitted that these ideas and votes aren't really being considered. The staff is just following management's "roadmap". They sort of verified that when I asked for the exact number of votes needed for an idea to be scheduled for programming.... they ignored the question. Only when an idea matches up with the roadmap is it focused upon.

JBW-Florida (he/him)
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