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cannot authorize in the dev playground


In addition to my question below I am also unable to use the dev playground when copying my correct client id and client secret. I have seen another with this issue, is it my side or strava's?




Thank you for your reply. ihave now tried this and in the playground I now get further. It redirects me to agree to the permissions I click that I agree and then it redirects me back to swagger playground where I get a 401 error. Do you know how I can fix this?

Thanks again

Could you please share a screenshot of the error? thank you



Ok so code 401 means unauthorized. When you select the scopes, you need to make sure that you select the ones that interests you, such as read_all if you want to want only reading rights


After you enter these details the window should look something like this


If you don't select the right scopes, you wont be able to call specific endpoints of the api, such as create activity in this case

I did that the error is the response to me filling in my client id and client secret and clicking the activitity read_all button. I get redirected to the strava pag and check the button and press authorise and it send me back to this error. I haven't requested anything yet other than authorization and my token

Actually it has begun to work now, is there a delay between when strava gives you API access and when your client secret works to generate tokens?

There are some issues i think with this authorization, that’s why I suggested in the beginning to use incognito. Anyway, I’m glad it works 

Mt. Kenya

Hello, try adding these in the Edit Application window.  Also try to switch to an icognito window and test there.