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ClubAthlete does not include Athlete ID

Pico de Orizaba

This model won't include any athlete identifier, which makes the information a bit useless in the end. Since APIs are made for machines, and machines identify entities differences between IDs, not having them on the returned models make them invaluable.

It would be nice if ClubAthlete had the athlete ID included within its definition. This way, apps for clubs, built on top of the Strava API, can easily map and identify the athletes. Otherwise this is impossible, as there's no other way of identifying athletes related somehow to another one who granted access to the app.


Mt. Kenya

The same problem. Please, help to resolve it. I need start time and end time to filter all activity. 


Athlete ID was removed from all outputs a few years ago, from leaderboards to clubs, only the authenticated (user) athlete ID is outputted

Mt. Kenya

@paleloser , I've try call api /clubs/{id}/activities but it not has start time run. Can you give solution about this?


I want report include start time run.


Mt. Kenya

@paleloser did you get a satisfactory solution to this? I'm pulling from the get_club_activities_by_id API and not getting any information to know which activity belongs to which athlete which I think was your issue? 

The (terrible) documentation suggests that the result should include the MetaAthlete property, but it is coming back as None for all records. I don't see how this is in any way useful, unless I'm doing something wrong which is entirely possible given how poor the documentation is.

Pico de Orizaba

Note that currently ClubActivity (returned through /clubs/{id}/activities) already includes the MetaAthlete, which is the Athlete ID in fact. So I guess it shouldn't be much trouble including this as well in ClubAthlete.

It was removed some years ago and intentional by strava for privacy, why do you think strava outputs First Name & the Initial of the Last Name so as you cannot decipher the Athlete either via the names or unique ID @paleloser , @kkcmadhu , @caocuongccc  

no this api just return first and last name of athelete, which is wiered