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Resolved! Don't receive heart rate data from activities API

Hi there!I'm retrieving my latest run with the following endpoint: /athlete/activities and then the method "getLoggedInAthleteActivities". This works well, but I don't get the same response as the sample response given there. I don't get anything bac...

TCX comparison vs Stream/Lap data from api

HI,I'm currently looking into using the strava api to export my activities to Gpx/Tcx (or any other format that suits my needs) because Garmin doesn't offer such a service / api. When looking into the data and comparing an activity from Garmin, expor...

Resolved! Rate Limit Exceeded but not really

Hello,I'm trying to load data from a segment `/api/v3/segments/[id]` that gives me a "Rate Limit Exceeded" error.However, the quota does not seems to be reached: I log the usage and I get something like: Instant usage: 75/600 - Daily usage: 4392/6000...

See if gear is default for sport via API

Has gear-related data that is retrievable by APIs been updated since the default gear by sport update ( was expecting that the data returned by getActivityById would have gear > primary ...

cb1 by Mt. Kenya
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Webhook Subscription returning error

Hi, I am trying to implement Strava webhook but I need to call the subscription API first to create a webhook subscription. I keep getting the following error for some reason even though I am doing everything according to the webhooks documentation:{...

hrd022 by Shkhara
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Resolved! Trail Data

Hello everyone,I'm currently working on a project that involves analyzing activity patterns on outdoor recreational paths. I'm seeking to access anonymized, aggregated geospatial data that could provide insights into usage patterns, such as peak time...

RoyChege by Mt. Kenya
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