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Implements new endpoints

I tried to use strava api with clubs, try to get events, and detailed information for club athletes, but is not possible, i was looking the endpoints that strava use in his page and i find some endpoints can fit this like

burgom by Mt. Kenya
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Club API Feedback and Improvements

Hi, I'm trying to build a small app for my company's Strava club to track weekly "winners" similar to how the club page shows "Distance / Total Running Time / Climbing" leaderboard entries and ran into a few issues in the process that I'd like to rai...


APIs for Clubs and specifically Club Events

Hello! I was wondering if there are any plans to develop an API that would allow club owners to create events. The reason I'm asking is that I find myself in a situation where I have many past events that I would like to reuse for future club events,...

ezrahill by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Zapier Integration limited athlete information

I'm implementing an integration between Strava and an external system based on Zapier. For each run someone does in a particular club on Strava I would like to update the profile on the other platform. The activity trigger does work fine on clubs but...

Sitebase by Mt. Kenya
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Clubs endpoint documentation update

Can you please update the clubs documentation at The data returned does not match the docs and there is some limit to the pagination effecting the number of activities that can be returned. Man...

Nick by Shkhara
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