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Update Activity RPE via API?

Hi everyone!  I am somewhat familiar with Strava's API both directly via HTTP and with the Python Stravalib library through my visualization app Heatflask ( (Client ID 12700) which I has been running since 2016.   However I ...

bfef by Shkhara
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Beacon API

I have developed an Android bike computer and my users wants to be able to send live location data to their family or love ones. Such that they can be tracked. Just like Strava Beacon function. As the Strava Beacon function exists I would like to hav...

wassinkt by Mt. Kenya
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Documentation of Strava deeplinks

Is there some list of deeplinks for strava that is supported (and parameters allowed)? For example, the following two exist   strava://record strava://record/new/start   with the latter immediately starting to record an activity.

kratsg by Mt. Kenya
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API : filter athlete activity by type

Hi everyone, I’m working on a little dashboard to do some stats on my « bicycle to work » activities (i.e. global distance, fuel not used, etc) and I was wondering if there is a way to add a parameter to the getLoggedInAthleteActivities request so it...

Bad Request on refresh token

I have a Raspberry Pi with an e-ink display that shows my latest cycling stats: kilometers per year, month and a calculated projected total of kilometers for the entire year. Every hour the totals are updated. It has worked well for several months.  ...

Setting up a webhook in Google App Script

Well, the title says it all, folks... It seems like this is gonna be a tough one to implement in Google App Scripts. There's not much out there in general for setting up these Strava webhooks, but it's even worse when trying to find ANYTHING on setti...

Resolved! Run Segment Reports based on year.

Back in the day there was a way you could run a report on a specific segment. Then you could pull data say for last year. It would tell you how mine riders and how many attempts. Now I am only seeign the options for Today, This Week, and This month. ...

haywyre by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Authentication from other Strava users

Perhaps this is answered somewhere already, but so long as the athlete's posts are public, am I able to grab their activities with the API (as long as I've authenticated)? Or do I need them to do something for me so they're authenticated, too? I woul...