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Resolved! Track workouts on Strava (in-app or with API)

Hello there! I am working on an integration from my favorite fitness and workout tracking app, named Strong. It is focusing on gym workout, something Strava does not seem to support as of right now at all. I already built an MVP which is working and ...

Lyro by Mt. Kenya
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Use Strava API to return Custom Waypoints?

I was interested to see the new feature Custom Waypoints on Strava Routes! I'm wondering how an app using the Strava REST API can query for the custom waypoints.What I tried:A request to didn't show the cu...

Deauthorizing athletes without access token

Now that Strava’s new Developer Program has introduced a limit on the number of athletes who can register with an app, we can see the number of "athletes currently connected" in our API settings.I can see that the number in the API settings (Strava s...

Cyril by Shkhara
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Color UTF8 Emoji

Something I noticed some time back has been emoji changing from color to shadow/black & white. below is some code I have used in my web applications to enable color emoji to appear as we expect them, like country flags.<link rel="preconnect" href="ht...

lopey66 by Elbrus
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Bad Request on refresh token

I have a Raspberry Pi with an e-ink display that shows my latest cycling stats: kilometers per year, month and a calculated projected total of kilometers for the entire year. Every hour the totals are updated. It has worked well for several months.  ...

API endpoint to share an activity

Hello,I would want to implement a feature in my app that would allow athletes to share their activity to other accounts automatically based on the activity title. However I was disappointed to see that there is no endpoint on the open api for that. I...

Vico by Shkhara
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Update Activity RPE via API?

Hi everyone!  I am somewhat familiar with Strava's API both directly via HTTP and with the Python Stravalib library through my visualization app Heatflask ( (Client ID 12700) which I has been running since 2016.   However I ...

bfef by Shkhara
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Resolved! Beacon API

I have developed an Android bike computer and my users wants to be able to send live location data to their family or love ones. Such that they can be tracked. Just like Strava Beacon function. As the Strava Beacon function exists I would like to hav...

wassinkt by Mt. Kenya
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Documentation of Strava deeplinks

Is there some list of deeplinks for strava that is supported (and parameters allowed)? For example, the following two exist   strava://record strava://record/new/start   with the latter immediately starting to record an activity.

kratsg by Mt. Kenya
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