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dénivelé / height difference

Bonsoir, Mon total de dénivelé positif pour mes activités vélo en 2024 est de 10317m(ajout du dénivelé pour chaque activité) Par contre dans les statistiques 2024,il est inscrit 10845m! Pourriez-vous faire le nécessaire pour rétablir des données corr...

loche by Mt. Kenya
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hide map on strava app but show on my own website

Hello,I created a website to show my activities on my website.This works great. It shows a map with my followed routes.But is it possible to hide my activities on the strava-app itself and not on my website?So only myself can look at strava and other...

mvn by Mt. Kenya
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Strava Routes export as Tracks not Routes

Love the ease of use of creating routes in Strava vs Gaia. According to GPX specs, routes are plans and tracks are actuals. For whatever reason, Strava’s GPX files are using the <trkpt> instead of <rtept> tags.  Is there a reason that when you create...

Query segment data

Hi, I would like to know how to make a query on a segment using the API, and how to filter with the parameters that appear in the sorting table. For example: 

Resolved! Register an App w/o Subscription

My understanding is that the only way to register multiple apps is to create an account for each, as a single account cannot be associated with more than one app. As such I set up a new account, however was unable to register my new app as I did not ...

De-authorization of expired auth

Coming from I have 3,461 users authenticated with Strava according to, but only 1,226 are currently active. Many users were trials or dropped off the app.I'll work...

dblock by Shkhara
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Resolved! Is total_elevation_gain corrected or native?

Hello,In the API is the Activity.total_elevation_gain field populated with Strava-corrected elevation or the elevation data originally recorded by the device / app? The documentation just states: "The activity's total elevation gain." Thanks

Webhook is called multiple times?

Hi all, I've noticed that my webhook is called 3 times when an activity is added or edited. Any reason why this is? There's obviously only one webhook setup at the strava side. I see them in my server logs with something like 7 minutes between them. ...