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Looking for general guidance on how to connect our rowers to strava

Mt. Kenya

We have an iphone and watch os app and would like for our users to be able to connect to strava such that their workouts automatically upload from our app on their device to our server and then from our server to strava (all automatically once they have connected their strava account to their account on our server).  Concept 2 does it this way for their ergData app using their online logbook. We are looking for what code or setup would be best for connecting their Strava account to their account on our server and then how their workouts would get automatically set to strava. In addition and similar to what Concept 2 does we'd like to also send a generated jpeg with the upload to strava that shows their workout interval summary information. Any guidance or help is greatly appreciated.



For the part "from our server to Strava" you or your developers have to write a server application that uses the Strava API, see That would enable the rowers to connect to Strava with their account, upload their activity files and enrich the activities with pictures.

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