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Push Subscription 400 error

Trying to create a push subscription in basic php for authorised users but getting HTTP 400 error Connection #0 to host left intact HTTP Status Code: 400 Error Response Body: Array ( [message] => Bad Request [errors] => Array ( [0] => ...

kanoor by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! invalid encoding when posting upload

I'm attempting to upload a gpx file to the uploads API, but keep running into errors. I am doing this with javascript/nodejs. Unfortunately due to the deprecation of the request-json library, the strava api npm library has broken, so I'm trying to im...

Move activity name lower

Can we have an option to turn off activity name display? Aesthetically, would also be nice if it's displayed lower than presently. In the example below, having the text sit above Run (can even be all caps and slightly bold would look much better.

JS by Shkhara
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Resolved! Track workouts on Strava (in-app or with API)

Hello there! I am working on an integration from my favorite fitness and workout tracking app, named Strong. It is focusing on gym workout, something Strava does not seem to support as of right now at all. I already built an MVP which is working and ...

Lyro by Mt. Kenya
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Health/ Fitness reading incorrect times

I noticed a 44-minute activity recorded on Strava shows up as a 3-hour activity on my iPhone's fitness app. I suspect it might be due to the Strava API sending out an incorrect "end time." I noticed that the fitness app displays the recording time, b...

vargava by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! unable to verify callback url of webhook?

i tried it by creating a Webhook using a python script but it was unable to verify the callback url for the webhook.. I've gotten the webhook working through Zapier for the purpose of the app, but I'm worried that when I apply to have the app recogni...

Screenshot 2024-04-08 161421.png Untitled.png
klaychop by Mt. Kenya
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