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Create activity with elevation using the API

I'm currently working on integrating my climbing app with Strava, and I've hit a bit of a roadblock. When I manually create an activity on Strava through the browser, I have the option to enter the elevation. However, when I try to do the same thing ...

Resolved! Moving time display issue on Strava after a FIT import

Hello,We are facing an issue with an activity display on Strava.The activity was sent to Strava from a FIT fileStrava activity link: file: I know that Strava have specific calculation rule...

payenm by Mt. Kenya
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Very few notifications from my push subscription

I have a large number of users attached to a push subscription - all was working until around the 28th April.  Now only a handful of users' data is coming through.For those that aren't I have verified I have live keys/tokens for them and I am able to...

IP Whitelisting for Webhook API Subscription

Hi there, we have created subscription as per details provided at However, our callback url is behind an AWS WAF and hence notifications from Strava are getting blocked. Can you please provide a list of I...

rally by Mt. Kenya
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Missing Club Data

I have been using Strava API to extract club data to collect data from 2024 from all members. Because the club was made in December 2023, I was originally got some data from 2023, which I excluded through ignoring the first 40 runs.Since then, when I...

RobWaugh by Mt. Kenya
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No answer for rate increase

Hello,I requested a rate increase via email over a month ago and have not yet received a response. We now cannot serve our user base anymore and it affects our service. Our growth is still significant, and we strive to minimize the number of requests...

Jan89 by Shkhara
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API 400 - I don't understand the error

I'm attempting to upload an Activity to the /uploads endpoint.  (from Java)  I've used the Garmin SDK to generate a Fit stream, and attempting to post.  (The OAuth2 workflow is working fine, I've acquired an access token).  First, the error:{"message...

tavise by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! ActivityById - Activity Splits - for running

 If we look at the distance of each split, the splits are not exactly at 1 km mark.would like to know the difficulty (in terms of both hardware or technical related) in dividing the splits by exactly 1km each. 

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 11.33.16 AM.png
dinesh by Mt. Kenya
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