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Console App with strava

Hello every body, i'm trying to create an App where a will agregate my sport data and i was wandering if the is a way to authenticate without being redirected(using a redirection link for getting the code).Thank in advance

Zaker237 by Mt. Kenya
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Unable to register push subscription

Bad request when registering a push subscription. I checked output of my url and get the 200 with correct response within miliseconds. Could this be because my api is accessible over ipv6 only? ( no ipv4 available.. )   Cheers

Napche by Mt. Kenya
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Ifit error

Hello, the sessions of sports shared via Ifit are wrong, for a week the difference in altitude is no longer taken into account by Strava, example, my last two sessions I did 600 meters and 600 meters of elevation gain and my two sessions on Strava di...

ElPibe by Shkhara
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API: SummarySegment documentation

The documentation for SummarySeĝment states that activity_type can be either Run or Ride. But the actual return value can also be other activity types, so it probably would have to be an instance of ActivityType.

sascha by Mt. Kenya
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Unable to post activities

Overnight we've seen 100% failure of the /api/v3/uploads endpoint. A post to that route returns the following raw HTML. However, the Strava status page says things are 100% operational?  

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 10.21.50.png

ClubAthlete does not include Athlete ID

This model won't include any athlete identifier, which makes the information a bit useless in the end. Since APIs are made for machines, and machines identify entities differences between IDs, not having them on the returned models make them invaluab...

paleloser by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! location_city and location_state as null

Hello.I noticed this evening, when downloading my data using Strava API (through Postman), that the location_city and location_state parameters are set to 'null'.As I have given my token full access, I get also the detailled info for the segments, an...

Webhooks security

According to the current Webhooks Events API documentation, only the client authenticates to Strava upon subscription registration/check, with the API client_id and client_secret.This is great but IMO insufficent, as both parties should somehow be au...

paleloser by Pico de Orizaba
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