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Why does not live downhill segments work?

I wonder why any segments with the slightest negative grade does not work on live segments? I understand steep segments for safety, but I like to bike several segments that are quite long but with 0-5% negative grade. They are a bit up and down, but ...

larserso by Mt. Kenya
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Webhook on gear update

Given a user that has more than one gear for a specific sport, when an activity is registered through an external app (i.e. Garmin Conect), it will be imported with the default one, which makes the user update the gear field with the correct one.For ...

paleloser by Pico de Orizaba
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using api, can get stats but not activities

Trying to set up a web page for my sister-in-law, using my own python code and web page as a template.I can get her stats ok, but I get a 401 error returned when I try to get her activities. At the bottom of this message is what I get returned when I...

Sue by Mt. Kenya
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Can anyone please provide me a list of activity types for the GPX files?  The example below has a number 4... which, as its my GPX, means hiking.I thought it would line up with the FIT activity value but far from it, and by the looks of it, some acti...

ccsalway by Mt. Kenya
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Does "explore segments" only retrieve *my* segments?

I'm trying to use the API to discover local cycle routes to try out. I'm trying with a GET request on "explore segments": it always returns an empty segments array []Here's ...

ados by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How to Associate a Strava Activity to Device Record

In my app, athletes can connect their Strava, Garmin Connect and COROS accounts to, among other things, capture completed activities. So if they've connected both Strava and, say, Garmin, then when they complete workouts, we'll receive activity recor...

strideon by Mt. Kenya
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Changing the map type using the API

Hi, I am trying to make a program that as soon as I upload an activity, changes the title, the description, and most importantly the map type from the regular orange line, to the "support Ukraine" map type.I have been playing around with the API, usi...

Web Application

Hi, I have been working on a simple web application to track running performance. Currently I am using the MySQL database. I have a form taking in Time of run as a string. I was running into issues trying to store the run time as a time via MySQL. I ...

Raymond7 by Mt. Kenya
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