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I can't log in to Swagger Playground

Hello. I created app. According to the instructions, I filled it out for testing to Swagger Playground. But when I try to log in, I get an error in the response:{ "message": "Bad Request", "errors": [ { "resource": "Applic...

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miv by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Moving from polling to webhook

We are planning for the implementation of the web hook subscription.A few questions pop up:1. in the page: Do we need to change the authorization callback domain?2. Do our users to reconnect our app to Strava?3. Do...

HankZ by Mt. Kenya
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trouble creating webhook subscription

I had a webhook that was working for a few years and stopped working on April 12. I thought perhaps deleting and resubscribing might do something. I was able to delete the old subscription. If I try to subscribe using the same process that has worked...

tbprod by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Can a Bearer Token be used to pull my own data

I have spent way too many hours trying to determine if I can use a Bearer Token to retrieve my own data.  I'm know that I need to have the activity:read or activity:read_all permission to get that data.  However, I have not found any way either grant...

mhsimkin by Mt. Kenya
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