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Wrong lap start_indexes and end_index

Mt. Kenya

Hi, API sends strange laps data via getLapsByActivityId  for short activities (less than 5km) with incorrect start_index and end_index of each lap.

For example,

Each lap is equal 1km.

API for it returns:

"distance": 1000,
"lap_index": 1,
"split": 1,
"start_index": 0,
"end_index": 93,

In Streams data distance for index 93 is 300 m,  time 93 seconds. Should be 1000 m and about 284 seconds. The same for other laps. So all data from Streams matched with such indexes are incorrect and doesnt correspond with lap data in Strava via activity link above.

For activities with distance above 5km all data is correct.  

Will be appreciated for any advices how get correct data for laps.



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