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Resolved! Add club to athlete via API

HI, can I simply add a club to an athlete using PUT by providing the club ID (e.g. 1234)?If yes, does it override the active clubs? Thanks!

Kirnski by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! API POST to /activities

I am currently developing a mobile application and many of our users ask us if they can export their workouts to Strava.  We can post some workout data to /activities through...

GideonBr by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Display during activity

Hello,when I start an activity, the phone screen shows distance, speed and time. I would like to display other information, such as altitude, or elevation. How can I do to change? THANKS

Resolved! Club Activity and suggestions

Hello everyone,I am the president of the exercise science club at Chatham University and we are trying to mix things up this year with our events. I would really like to be able to host group challenges for the club to get students active and partici...

Resolved! Allow import of activity type on GPX

Allow the import of activity type like it is present in the export of an activity. Importing activity type is already supported for FIT and TCX files.<gpx> <metadata> <time>2023-06-25T08:00:00Z</time> </metadata> <trk> <name>Morning Run</name>...

Resolved! fix heatmaps

I understand the idea that heatmaps lines are graded so that we can see more and fewer travelled routes. But many of us are less concerned with that. Many would like to see the routes that theyve ridden, period. my most memorable rides are rides that...

Resolved! Import activity with no GPS data

Hello, I'm trying to import my past 1900+ activities from MapMyRun. I have all activities exported in TCX format. But some activities has no GPS data (for example Gym workout). Strava bulk upload is rejecting those files. Can I somehow import them? T...