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Elapsed time on Garmin Connect different to Elapsed time on Strava


Hi all. I did a pre-parkrun run this morning and on garmin connect and my watch the elapsed time is 5 mins 26secs. However on Strava it shows both the moving time and elapsed time as 5:24. I can understand the moving time being different, but shouldnt the elapsed time be the same as it is on Garmin Connect? Had a look through past runs and it’s happened before. Sometimes Strava has the odd second added on, or taken off my elapsed time.. any ideas anyone?  Thanks 



Strava uses the time between the first and last gps point as elapsed time. Time before and after that is discarded.

Ok thanks @Jan_Mantau  what about this then… Yesterday I did a 5km run. On my watch it has the time as 28mins 26.9 secs. On the garmin connect app it shows moving time and elapsed time as 28:27 which makes sense. But Strava shows both moving time and elapsed time as 28:28. Where is Strava getting this extra second from?