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Garmin Running Dynamics


I use a Garmin HR strap that records running dynamics (GCT balance etc) these are all written into the .FIT file that Garmin export to Strava on completion.

It took Strava a while, but they were eventually able to grab the HR data from these addons, so could they do the same for the Running Dynamics data to enhance the analysis side of things.  



Running Dynamics is a feature of the HRM-Run, HRM-Tri, HRM-Pro chest straps and Running Dynamics footpod.
The HRM-1 chest strap I also have doesn't have RD so I tend to only use that for cycling.

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 14.35.05.jpg

It records ground contact time, balance between left and right (really useful as imbalance is a sign of a niggle that might yet be obvious, vertical oscillation. granted some of those I hide on Garmin Connect but would be nice to see these by default, and to be honest, not as a paywalled item either.


Hi @davecatchpole - your post got me curious... I use a Garmin Venu watch to record, with a HR strap as well, but I'm not sure of the running dynamics metrics you speak of (balance etc.)... what is this data?  I get HR, elevation, cadence, distance, etc... is balance to do with your left vs. right balance?  Is this a sensor you put on your shoes?  What other running data are you getting, and how does it help you improve?  I'm always looking at ways to improve (and potentially, protect from injury if I have some imbalance)