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Heatmap filters in Android app

Mt. Kenya

Is there any way to filter activities included in the global heatmap in Android app ? This would be useful as when I'm riding a bike I don't want to see ski trails.

Also should the personal heat map be working in Andoroid app ? Currently it says that "Your heatmap isn't available yet. Your heatmap will generate automatically after you upload at least one GPS-based activity". I sure have upload a lot of GPS-based activities ...


Moderator Moderator

Hi PaavoN,

Thanks for your post.  I'm assuming that you are talking about the "Map Settings" pane on the Routes page in the App?  Sorry, it's not possible to filter activity types that are included in the Global Heatmap.  

In regards to your second question; I recommend signing out of the App and hopefully that will resolve the issue.  If it doesn't, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to investigate further.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

The option to filter the heat-map on activity type would make this feature a LOT more useful. I’m now inspecting all dodgy parts of routes on the heat-map with Google street view when I’m somewhere I haven’t been before; I’ve already planned out several runs abroad in the past based on the heat-map, and needed to stop/go back half-way through because the terrain was only fit for mountain biking or other activity types. This really sucked.

My guess is that it’s a daily aggregation you’re performing on all activity data. It can’t be that hard to duplicate whatever cloud pipeline you’re using x times and run it separately for each mode of transportation right?

I find the heatmap very challenging and time-consuming to use. I cycle lots of mountain roads but on-road only. As it is, I can't discern between paved roads and mountain bike and hiking trails. A filter by type of activity would instantly make the maps more useful and convenient.