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Join the conversation about the Devices and Integrations that work with Strava!

Pico de Orizaba

Welcome to Strava. Perhaps you stumbled upon Strava because of a device you were using, or a recommendation from a friend. Maybe you are an OG and remember the days when Strava only had cycling segments and leaderboards. Regardless of your story we know you want Strava to be the hub for your athletic life and we want to help that happen. Thanks to our public API, Strava works with hundreds of thousands of devices and applications all unique, enabling us to proudly state we are brand and device agnostic.

We do our best to process the data properly and accommodate the different intricacies of all of these devices and applications, however, you will inevitably see discrepancies or discover ways we could better support your particular device. For example, have you ever noticed that maybe your elevation isn’t just quite the same as what you saw on your device? Or maybe the application you are using showed one distance while Strava showed another? We know these things happen, sometimes it is due to how GPS information is being read, other times it may be a simple moving vs. rest time calculation. One calculation isn't necessarily correct or incorrect, but we do feel we're using standards that most athletes would agree upon. We understand our athletes use hundreds of different devices and apps and are doing our best to accurately analyze each file regardless of the differences in file formatting. 

There is an app for every athlete. If you haven’t checked out our apps page, take a look! How you record is entirely up to you and thanks to thousands of amazing developers from all over the world making apps for Strava and integrations to sync your activities, we are all for it. We can’t promise they all work perfectly and support relies on the developer but this is why we’ve created this space. This is where you can connect with one another to share tips + tricks about your devices and integrations that enhance your Strava connected experience.

We're curious, what is your favorite integration you've stumbled upon that works with Strava? Feel free to start your own discussion post about it so others can chime in about their experiences, too!


Mt. Kenya

I have recently had an issue with opening my strava page on my MacBook. It works fine on my phone and also on my work PC. This is what it looks like:- Any ideas how to fix it please?Screen Shot 2023-10-08 at 10.21.57.png


Hey @erikaceae it is simply not true when you say that Strava is "brand and device agnostic." Strava is year-over-year systematically filtering out available data from the Apple Watch. It's not clear to me why, but multiple people have made various observations across these Strava Communityhub threads that Strava is giving preferential treatment to imports from Garmin over Apple. Whether it's run cadence or cycling power meter access, Strava is either late to add or not adding at all available Apple Watch data. Moderators like @Jane have repeated false statements that the Apple "watch cannot be paired to your phone as an external heart rate sensor," but both Zwift's developers and Ride with GPS developers have shown this can be done. With the announcement of Watch OS 10, Apple has made the watch-as-external-heart-rate-monitor a central feature of the Apple Fitness phone app. But that was always available to developers, like Strava. What I don't understand, from a business perspective, is why Strava isn't following the money and coddling up to the most profitable company in the world and centralizing innovations around the iOS ecosystem. Appearing to be brand agnostic does not mean Strava should treat all companies and their consumer bases as the same size and marshal the same level of resource support. 


I love the features and functionality of my Hammerhead Karoo 2. Definitely underrated and I highly recommend it for cycling


I've had my Garmin Forerunner 935 for 3 years and it's still going strong!

Navi // Bone Apple Tea


I just got the Garmin Vivoactive 4S and am excited to see how it works!


Kimberly22 (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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