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[KNOWN ISSUE] Google Pixel 2 Watch losing GPS during activities


As a former paying member of Strava, I'm highly disappointed with the way many WearOS users have been left out for 6 months now.

Many issues have been raised regarding GPS tracking and we've been promised a fix since the topic was raised in October 2023. 

6 months later, still no fix, and Strava becomes more and more unusable for anyone that needs an app' that is reliable. 

Here are the links of my last 3 activities with a huge amount of data missing :

In each case, GPS stops tracking after a couple of minutes to restart sometimes 40 minutes later. Sometimes it doesn't. 

Exemple on the last activity posted above : total distance is 14.5kms but if you look at the graphs it's only 6.8kms. And within this 6.8km, data is missing for more than 2kms.


In short, out of a 14.5kms run, barely 5kms were properly tracked. 

Do better, Strava. Not all your members are Garmin fanboys.


Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya

Same issue here with Pixel Watch 2.

Sample activity: It stopped after 39 minutes. I noticed that FitBit did start auto-tracking the last 54 minutes of my run which is about the time taht is missed in Strava. Do two apps compete with each other?

All looks good during running/cycling but then when synced to the servers only a fraction of the route is tracked. Out of 5 attempts with the Watch only, I lost all gps data for all 5 attempts.


Moderator Moderator

Hello @VincentFR 

Thanks for posting about this. Sincere apologies, I understand your frustration. 

I've checked on this issue and the Bug Report is still open in our system.  I don't have an estimated time of resolution I can share, but I've brought your concerns to the attention of our Team.  

When I have more information I will share it here.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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