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No voice feedback (“stopping” / “resuming”) partway through a ride.

Mt. Kenya

This is a strange happening that started recently. I usually run Strava and RWGPS at the same time during a ride. Most of my bike club members use Strava to record their rides to share their results. I also run RWGPS so that I can use the turn by turn cues.

I’ve never had a problem running both apps at the same time until recently, where partway through the ride I no longer hear either of the two speaking. The apps still run perfectly, recording the route where I can end each one and save the results.

I also noticed recently that Strava is also back to using the default voice. I had changed my default voice on my iPhone to a British English voice and Strava adopted that when giving me my “starting ride“, “stopping“, and “resuming“ cues. It’s no longer doing that no matter how I set my iPhone settings.

It was suggested by RWGPS that I run the apps separately and not at the same time. That might have solved my problem with Strava since I tested it alone today and I was able to complete my ride without it going into some mute stage. I will be testing RWGPS by itself on another ride to see if I can complete a ride without it going into that mute stage as well.

Has anybody else noticed that Strava is using its default voice if you were once using a different accented voice?

Has anybody experienced Strava unexpectedly stopping the voice feedback partway through your activity?

I suspect one of the iPhone updates might have created my problems.


Mt. Kenya

More updates: It seems there may be a problem with some app on the iPhone that interrupts the sound being fed to the speaker. Running both RWGPS and Strava at the same time may NOT be the issue. Something along the way creates interruption from the sound being sent to the speaker yet both apps finish out with their tracking. I have turned off Focus but happen to use my Knog Alarm app, which stopped the sound. More testing will be happening.

Mt. Kenya

In regard to language or accent change on the iPhone, more than likely a change in the iOS probably reset it. The solution is not going to Accessibility > Spoken Content > Default Language or Default Voice and making changes there, although you might want to check to make sure those settings are correct.

Instead, go into General > Language & Region and adjust your PREFERRED LANGUAGE right at the top and that’s how I solved my second problem.

Yet to be resolved is running two similar apps at the same time like I use to.

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