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Status: Delivered

update from Strava:

Hello and thank you all for your votes and comments on this suggestion. 

This has been implemented and you can now hide the start time as well as other details from your activities when they appear in other athletes’ feeds or when others view your activity. The full list is below:

  • Heart rate
  • Pace or speed
  • Power
  • Calories
  • Start Time

For more information and to learn how to activate this feature, please visit this link.

Again, sincere thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

A long awaited feature, listed already several times in the previous community forum.

I even had an interview with Strava staff in 2019 about this: hide start time.

Why ? I do not like the idea to log my position on the internet, but I like segments and sharing with friends. Then the compromise to have the day and NOT the time of activities would be acceptable.

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Please implement this feature, this is truly and important privacy concern. The ability to hide start time of activities from everyone/ specific groups is needed


More privacy controls seems to be a common request. A way to hide a specific activity from a specific follower will solve not all, but most of these requests. Unfortunately, it is messy to simply block people you exercise/work with. 

Mt. Kenya

Has there been any progress on this?

Mt. Kenya

This one is really needed, considering many aspects of day to day life. It's also a very easy feature to implement from your side

Mt. Kenya

Great idea!

Mt. Kenya

any update on this? this is a simple but big feature!

Mt. Kenya

Would be great to hide start times only, from everyone.

Mt. Kenya

Hi there, 
I would like to start with the existing state of Strava.
At the moment Strava allows us to secure our privacy address in three ways:

  1. Hide start/end position of our activity near a specific address/es
  2. Always hide start/end position of any activity
  3. Hide the entire map on each activity.

To hide start/end GPS positions from our activity we need to provide an address and a radius of the area that we want to hide. The result of the hidden area has a bit of offset to better secure our address. It allows us to hide more or less of the position we usually start/end (which most of the time is around our house/apartment/flat). This is fine because it gives us some sort of security that a potential stalker will not know where we live.

However, there is one more thing that should potentially be taken into consideration: the post's date-time (the date and time under the post's title on our news feed dashboard). This kind of information could be potentially used for:

  1. Research when a potential house owner is not at home (for example if someone would like to rob you and knows that you are not at home between 8-10 a.m. on Saturdays then he/she knows that they have a 2hour window for a robbery)
  2. Research where you really live (a potential stalker could be in your "disabled area" (the area which is turned off from your map activity) at the time that you usually go for a run/bike/hike/ride etc. and just follow you back to the house coordinates).

I would want to suggest thinking about an improvement to allow the user to hide their date-time from the posts that they create.

[IT perspective] From the API perspective, this should not be a huge change because Strava could still store this kind of information in the DB however it won't be returned to the website/app when a user is scrolling through his news feed (it could still be used to sort activities on the backend). However I'm not a member of the dev team so, I'm not sure how big of an impact this could have.

Thanks for the reading, feel free to reply to this idea 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree. Please Strava implement this feature!

Mt. Kenya

Exactly. I will never use Strava until they make it possible to hide activity start time from all users.


@Soren surely by now there is some discussion regarding hiding activity start time from all users as emphasized by the replies to this idea? 
how hard would it be to make it an (default) option amongst the other privacy controls?

possibly have it as a standard default hidden feature, and allow users to opt in to have it showing public to all users, thus an intentional action by said user that they want their activity start time visible to others. 

please Strava, get this done. 

Mt. Kenya

Let’s all send a mail to Strava support with a link to this topic so they can see how many we are who wants this feature 

Mt. Kenya

Just got this reply to my support ticket:

Robin (Help Center)

Feb 21, 2024, 12:04 PM MST

Hello Rune,
Thanks for contacting us about this and we appreciate your interest in this feature.  We don't have an update to share at this time, however please know that your feedback has been reviewed and we will provide updates as they become available.  
Strava Support Team
I replied that I will first become a paid Strava user again when this feature has been implemented 
Mt. Kenya

It's absurd that it's taking so long to implement this feature. It's of vital importance for everyone's privacy and safety. My business partners and clients do NOT need to know when I'm running. Also lurking people, burglars etc, just have to watch your Strava profile to discover patterns to see when you're not home. There's some great replies already here which emphasize on all this. All-in-all: Huge privacy risk!

I know now I can turn the start time off but it's basically shutting down your whole profile and you won't be eligible for segment tracking and all that other neat stuff.

*** Please fix this with urgency, we all pay enough for our subscription I would think. **


I don't think you lurkers and burglars are that of a problem because they can't see your start time except if they start to following you in Strava or in real life. But everything else is true of course.