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Mt. Kenya

What Eric said. I’d like to be able to toggle services like Zwift on and off in my feed. This would streamline my feed and show me actual rides and runs that I want to see that get buried by the Zwift spam.

Mt. Kenya

Would be good to have a filter on home page to make it easier to find other peoples activities you are interested in.

Would be good to be able filter out commute as they happen often and not activates people want to engage with.

Also to be able to filter by activity type- sometimes I only want to look at runs and not cycling or skiing so filtering these out would be useful.

Also to filter on race as these are always interesting to look at


Mt. Kenya

Based on these varying "filter" requests, I sure hope the wizards at HQ are hard at work designing the mother of all filters. Can't wait!

Mt. Kenya

This can also be a functionality for those who have a Strava subscription, so we users get a little extra value for our subscription and you might get a lot of extra customers on subscription because the current (free) solution is too bad

Mt. Kenya

It would be helpful to have a filter on activities by activity type (Eg ‘run’) both on my own activities and the Home Screen. I use the iPhone app. Thank you 

Mt. Kenya

The suggestion is clear (and its been asked for many times in various places)

"Allow users to filter their Strava Dashboard 'Activity Feed' by activity type"

Its so obvious that I can only wonder why it isn't already there



Matt_Haigh, I'm amazed the feature isn't available.  Today I cancelled my Strava subscription after being a paying member since 2014.  I only use the segments and the feed, and my feed is full of rubbish.  I was chatting to a friend last week and he said, "Didn't you see my ride!?"  Turns out he did an epic ride and I completely missed it, because my feed was full of yoga sessions, dog walks, general walks, Zwift rides galore, and the like.

If Strava sort the feed out then I'll subscribe again but I'm not paying £60 a year in the meantime.


Cannot agree with the last comment more. I remember, when I first started using Strava, one of the most usable features was an ability to sit down on Friday night and scroll my feed to the previous weekend and see what cool routes folks did in the nearby mountains and then steal some ideas for my upcoming weekend. That is literally one of the most important features that I want in Strava. That's why the community matters to me. 

Now the feed is not only full of uninspiring rubbish, but also it looks more and more like a Facebook feed - you see something cool there once and then it is gone forever and you can't find that anymore if you don't remember who's activity that was. The feed is 2-3 days long at best. 

Pico de Orizaba

I will speak up again on this topic I mentioned months ago.  Please Strava, give us the ability to sort what type of activities we want to see, and which we do not.  While I realize Strava has to grow as a business, and I do value it still, adding activities like pickleball for example is stretching it too far and you are diluting the value for someone like myself, who still focuses on cycling for example.  I don't want to see "walk to mailbox"; "dog walk"; "pickleball", and many other activities.  Surely you can provide us a way to filter only what we want to see.

Thank you,

Richard Forzani
Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

so Strava is listening, kind of? Seems like such a basic filter to offer in order to enhance the experience and create a more pleasant customized feed. Ski activities are super annoying and right up there with indoor rides, I don't care. I want to see people riding their bikes outside and running trails. I basically check out from Strava as soon as winter arrives.


I think it will be great if Strava implements Activity Aggregation for every athlete's multiple activities on each day. 

What is it?

Activity aggregation will allow all activities from a single day to be grouped together under one post so that there is no activity spam.

Why is this important?

People complain about having multiple activities show up in their notifications feed.

I am guilty of posting multiple activities a day. Every morning I practice bodyweight training, run, then I walk at night. Weekends are worse. I'll do more. Hiking, cycling, gym sauna, etc. 

Even if the athlete selects private activity, I think Strava still sends a notification, but the activity isn't able to be viewed. 

There should be one notification per athlete per day for public activities (unless the athlete manually clicks that they want to send out a notification.) 

How does it work? 

Activity aggregation would automatically group together all activities for the day under one day. The athlete can select which activity they want to highlight as the main activity of the day. The notification would only be sent out once per day unless the athlete manually selects that they want to send out a notification for a subsequent activity that day. 

Here is one example: Warming-up before a race is the first activity. That sends notifications out to everyone, then there's a race and athlete wants to send notification. Then there's a cool-down run and the activity won't notification) 

This is similar how multiple activities show up in a daily view in Garmin. 

The athlete has the ability to select not to send out notifications for any activity (even the first activity of the day). 

Shant Hagopian
Attorney & Athlete
Next race: LA Marathon (3/17/24)

Thanks Jane!

Sorry I forgot this idea was submitted by CreakyCrank. I didn’t find it today when I searched for spam/activity aggregation. 

Thanks again and hope this gets more upvotes! 🙏

Shant Hagopian
Attorney & Athlete
Next race: LA Marathon (3/17/24)
Mt. Kenya

I would like to publish my biking and running activities to my feed so my friends can see the route and performance. 
On the other hand, I would like to hide my yoga and HIIT class activities that I don’t care to share. But I do want these activities on Strava for personal consumption of the training log, weekly intensity, etc. 

I would love to have a default visibility setting (“public” for me 🙂 ) and then be able to toggle visibility by type, e.g. setting all future yoga activities to private. 

Mt. Kenya