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Status: Gathering Kudos

Jumping rope is not just a warmup it is a great sport and activity in itself. There are even official organizations such as the Amateur Athletic Union with long established rules and regulations

There are exhibitions, teams, leagues, singles competitions, team competitions, national and international competitions; everything that you would expect an official sport to have. It has observer status at the Global Association of International Sports Federation and been recognized as a sport by half the countries needed to become an official Olympic sport. Is Jump Rope a Sport? - Here's What to Know | Elite SRS

I'm pretty sure there is no international association of stair stepers and that is supported in Strava so why not jump rope?

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Pico de Orizaba

How do I vote for this?!?
great idea.
Moderator Moderator


If you click on the Kudo icon below the Idea body, you will be able to upvote the idea. Here is our Guide to Ideas in case you want to get more familiar with ideas guidelines.

Hope this helps!

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I added my upvote - this would be great!

Someday, hope to be able to import my workouts from the jump rope app (crossrope). Many of them are based on HIIT or Tabata intervals and may include bodyweight work like pushups, squats, lunges mountain climbers, etc.

Mt. Kenya

I have an app called yaoyao which counts my jumps through my watch but then have to post the workout summary on my strava feed. Would be much easier if strava could count my jumps and analyse my results. 

Mt. Kenya

Agree!  Integration with the new AMP stats from Crossrope would be amazing!

Mt. Kenya

Odd that there is no skipping but there are these exotic sports, Yaoyao is the only app that works for skipping on my galaxy watch, so would be great if Strava added it.

Mt. Kenya

I totally agree. I think jump Rope is not only a  warm-up, it is absolutely a great cardio, specially when it is mixed with body-weight exercise and it would be great to have it on Strava


Can you please add jumping rope as an activity- it has been around for way longer then pickle ball and is an amazing cardio workout - it’s as good as running, walking, hiking, biking, skiing, how can you have skateboarding and not jump rope. 

Mt. Kenya

Please ..and if there was a clarification  "Jumping Rope vs Skipping Rope ".. ( there is little to no "skipping" while jumping rope).

Pico de Orizaba

It is true, there are so many real sports which are missing and instead of that we see such like yoga, e-bike, golf, etc. I hope the chess will not be added before volleyball, martial arts, jump rope and the all other high physical activities.

Pico de Orizaba

It didn't make the last cut on new activities. Come on! It'd be nice to make the next cut. even Garmin has updated their widget for better data capture.
Mt. Kenya
It would be worth you taking note of the above. It uses ANT+ and BLE to connect to Garmin Fenix 7 for example, and yet you still do nothing to add rope jumping as an activity.

It wouldn’t surprise me one day if I found you added snoring as an activity first, for the amount of time that you have had to consider this for an activity. Strange how Garmin has used this as an activity on their watches, but you can’t or won’t be bothered to do this your end.

Why am I even paying a premium subscription to you? It is due to expire next month. I will not be supporting you further until you support me. Of course, you won’t miss my subscription - but on the other hand, it pays for my new jump rope that connects to Garmin.

See You!

Mt. Kenya

It would be nice if rope jumping was added to Strava, taking into account the time.. the number of jumps... and why not, challenge each other with many friends and thus increase the fun!

I hope this happens soon!


Mt. Kenya

Upvoted to this Idea.

Looking forward to use jumping rope activity in Strava. Kindly make it available soon. As many mentioned, this activity is as good as running, long walks and is a great cardio.