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It looks like current date and time format depend on selected language/region. In case I use English the date and time are displayed in USA standard (12-hour for time and mm-dd-yyyy for date), that is not common and sometimes confusing in many other countries.

It would be nice to have a switch in settings which enables date and time display in ISO format, or some other options like dd-mm-yyyy.


Pico de Orizaba

I agree, that would be beneficial since not every english speaker (myself included) uses the USA standard 


There is a difference between the language and the locale. That is like 101 for any UI developer. For date and time formating it is locale that must be used rather than language. 

Mt. Kenya

I agree too. It would be beneficial to be able to choose whatever date-time format you are used to regardless of language setting.


I don't see that format anywhere.  I'm set to English but also my locale is Europe/London, are you saying you are set to USA locale? Think we need a bit more info as it doesn't seem clear what the trigger is.

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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Hi, @VikK 
My issue is that I want to use 24-h time and YYYY-MM-DD date, but it looks like there's no such setting in the app. I use English (UK) language on my phone (it's Pixel 3 on Android 12) and the date/time of activities is displayed in some some fixed format (in my case it's 12-h time and Month-Day-Year date), but I would like to change it.

Mt. Kenya

I also don´t wanna see PM or AM time settings. I want 24 hour time.

Got this answer from Strava:

Hello Fredrik,
Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. At this time, we do not currently have this feature on Strava. We are collecting all feedback in the Help & Ideas section of our Community Hub. Whether you want to submit an idea, engage in a discussion with others about an existing Strava feature, or talk about devices or connections, we invite you to visit the Community Hub.


So, they call it "a feature" to express time in 24 hour format. Hilarious! Strange! Weird! So little importance has the European users. US format is the "right" way? Or?

Mt. Kenya

Yeah this bugs me. I'm UK locale English language, Android app. My phone uses 24 hour clock but Strava sticks to am/pm. Follow the phone settings?  Every other app does this. Twitter. eBay. All respect the phone settings.