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Status: Gathering Kudos

For athletes that like to hide certain stats (Calories, Speed, or Heart Rate) info from activities, it would be great to be able to choose a default for this and have it automatically apply to every activity.

Currently, you have to do this by editing each and every activity, and I think it's more realistic that users would want to apply this to all activities, verses only hiding certain stats from some activities.

Mt. Kenya

Database wise this is already implemented since you are able to flag it on and off by bulk editing... So what's the big deal to implement a toggle on configs to enable/disable this?

The "drive down community engagement" isn't a argument since you are able to go private on all your data or block logging HR or simply hide using bulk editor. Makes no sense to not implement this with all the request thought the span of two years. 

Furthermore, health data is personal data and is under GDPR and strava should abide by it.

I am sure that if this is petitioned outside strava forums they would implement this in no time.

Mt. Kenya

Two years of manually editing every new activity later... Come on guys, this is a one-sprint change. Personal and philosophical reasons aside, this isn't good from a security standpoint. For example, suppose I am a health insurance company with questionable ethics. I can scrape the HR data and adjust your premium based on HR irregularities I detect. Why would you give me this information for free? Especially when your own users want the option to hide it. Don't even argue "This is not medical grade, it's not accurate, blah blah". On principle, the more information you give, the wider your attack surface becomes. Just implement this already!

Mt. Kenya

I come from a sport science background and so do alot of my friends.  As a result we do analyse each others data to the max, it is just the interests/curiosities we have as scientists (I noted someone saying nobody cares). I admit I do it too. I would like to hide my HR and Power data from the public by default. I don't really want others to where my threshold or zone borders are, and how it it changing over time.  That's for me to use to facilitate my own training.

Mt. Kenya

A feature in your privacy settings, to automatically hide any metrics you wish. Without having to go in every activity and hide them yourself. 

Mt. Kenya

My two cents -

I'm an avid cyclist and like to compete as an amateur. I like to get in the weeds of competition and training. One aspect I've thought about is whether I want others to see my heart rate and power data. I ideally would like to turn off my power data on my activities, maybe it includes the zones but doesn't give the exact numbers, or it just takes out the power charts entirely. Although I admit, a lot of people at the amateur level aren't looking at other people's power that intensely and it's of course not the only factor for racing, however, it's still nice to play around with strategies. It sounds like there is a percentage of peeps out there that want this too, so let's get some more kudos on this request ‌😍😍




Mt. Kenya


Dear Strava,

I would like to not have to go in to each activity I complete to make my HR not viewable to others.  

I think it would be a good idea to make it by default that you can disable certain metrics such as pace, distance, hr, calories etc.  my main one I'm interested in though is HR.  I don't really need people to see what my HR is during an activity.  I know I can go to each completed activity but this would save me a step.  

Thank you for taking this in to consideration.  Love the product. 


I agree that Strava needs to provide more default sharing options (like Add ability to mute activities by default). But until that happens, you can use ActivityFix to automatically hide those stats:

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 20.25.29.png

Mt. Kenya

I do not want to share my heartrate with others in Strava. The current way to do this is by hiding the heartrate per activity. 

It would be highly beneficial to have a global setting in the privacy options that allows users to automatically hide their heart rate data for all activities. This setting would help users manage their privacy more efficiently and ensure they don't accidentally share sensitive data.


Mt. Kenya

Maybe it isn't implemented yet because Strava already sells this data? -.-

It's a shame that after almost 2 years after the initial request nothing happened. Most of the people using Strava are not using this community hub, I bet 90% would be in favor of the option to hide your health stats by default.

Mt. Kenya

It is so annoying to edit each and every activity to hide my heart rate. This is sensitive information and it's not understandable there is no such option to do so by default.

Dear product manager, this is a small feature and an easy way to make quite some users happy.

Mt. Kenya

Thumbs up. Why can I hide the starting point by default but not the heart rate? It's my personal data, why I should edit each of activity manually? 

Mt. Kenya

Congratulation to Strava for allowing to hide the start time. It would be nice now to setup this option as default, like other privacy settings.