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This post has been escalated to our Support team for one of the following reasons: it requires sharing personal information, the intervention of an admin, or multiple exchanges. We may also escalate to our Support team if a topic is highly complex or technical.

All my gear was deleted!!

Mt. Kenya

Hello I just noticed that all my runners I was tracking are no longer under my gear, how were they deleted, I know I definitely didn't do it. Can they be recovered?? 


Moderator Moderator

Hey @Kitfromtipp.
Thanks for your post. We're going to send this over to our Support team so they can take a look at your account.
If you have a similar question please submit a support ticket and we will investigate further.

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Thanks Scout, I did put in a support ticket 3 days ago no reply yet.. 

Hey @Kitfromtipp
Thanks for the follow up. I took a look and I see your request to our support team, #2853398; someone from our support team will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team