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Follow up on why I think Strava should add video reels


A couple of months ago, I suggested adding video reels to Strava. I appreciate the feedback and understand the concerns about unrelated content. And how some people think that we can already do most of the things that reels would add. To address this, we could have guidelines and moderation tools to keep the videos focused on exercise and fitness. For example, a tagging system could organize videos by activity type, and community moderators could help ensure the content stays relevant. By doing this, I believe video reels could really benefit Strava users. They could provide visual motivation and let us share our fitness journeys in a more exciting way. Imagine watching a short video of someone doing bike stunts or of somebody winning a race. These videos could inspire us, give us new workout ideas, and help us feel more connected. Video reels could also be a great way to track our progress and celebrate our achievements. Let’s make Strava not just a place for data, but a community full of shared experiences and inspiration.💯

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you can put this in consideration.


Mt. Kenya

Strava really need to add reels it would bring more people to the app and a higher audience. It should also bring stories so we can see what people have been up to in the past 24 hours like Snapchat. They can document their own fitness journeys. Strava really is the best social media platform.


This post should be posted as a reply to the previous thread so people can see the relevant discussion, not a whole new thread.  Here is a link to the original post: Why I Think Strava Should enable Athletes to add v... - Strava Community Hub

I get your concern and this issue will be dealt with by Stava moderators 💯

I hope that the Strava developers will take it in to consideration and implement it quicker than dark mode