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Any CrossFitters around?

Mt. Kenya

Hi Everybody, it's a pleasure to be here in this new community hub. I see it's based on Khoros, which is really a cool community platform, well done on the choice!

My name is Christian and I post from Italy... every morning I do CrossFit and I love Strava since it can help me keep track of my sessions at the box.

I'll explore the community right now hoping to get new extra badges here and there...





Hi Christian! We're stoked to have you here with us. I used to do CrossFit at one point in my life, I was really hooked because consistency sure gives great results. I've switched over to cycling in more recent years due to a knee injury, I've fallen in love with endurance sports but I enjoy the occasional explosiveness of a sprint when going after a segment 🙂
Italy has some top-notch cycling, I'd love to ride my bicycle there and go hiking in the Dolomites. Are you into any other sports or do you only record CrossFit on Strava?

Hi Soren,

thanks for your reply. Besides CrossFit, I ride my mountain bike on weekends with my "little" brother and I try to walk or run even if running is not my favourite activity, being still a bit too heavy. But I don't drop the ball. I love how Strava can help you keep track of your various sports, although it's still, in my opinion, still too much focused on bike and running. As a matter of fact, when I manually upload my CrossFit session yes, there is "CrossFit" in the drop down, but I feel the need for example to keep track of other key metrics. This is not there, yet, who knows, one day. Moreover, my Fitbit Versa 3 does not sync automatically as it does if I go for a walk or a bike ride, and this is an open issue with Fitbit since it's not using the GPS feature meanwhile I am in the gym.

In any case, let's keep on moving... and thanks for being a community manager. Ah, btw, how come I do see a "accept as solution" button? This is more for Q&A type of forums... am I posting this in a wrong channel? Thanks.

Mountain biking is so challenging, but a lot of fun. Especially when you can ride with friends and family. Are there good trail systems near you?
I hear you regarding manual/indoor activities on Strava and the limited data set that is available, many others have voiced this as well and you will be pleased to know that we're actively looking into improving the experience for those types of activities on Strava.

btw, the "accept as solution" button appears for all forum-style post discussions, although as you pointed out, it doesn't quite make sense in this context. You did post in the correct board 🙂 no worries.



Yeah, I combine CrossFit with my running to stay in a better all round shape, rather than focus solely on one over the other. With this combo I’ve been able to complete everything from HYROX to Ultras. 

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