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Fitness - random values?

Mt. Kenya


I do running training 4-5 times a week with a friend. 2-3 of those are intervals. We do more or less the same kind of runs, or at least very comparable. We also consider ourselves to have approx the same fitness level. Except on Strava, we recently noticed. He has 71, while I have 18. It is also extremely stable around 17-19. Another friend of mine who does a couple of easy runs a week has 30.. Does this make sense? Or might there be some settings which are not set correctly? I have allow Strava to access heart rate data.




You and your friends should check your heart rate zones (in the web under settings/my performance). The relative effort of every activity is computed by comparing your heart rate against your heart rate zones.

Thanks for your reply.

Heart rate zones checked and they are pretty much spot on.

I ran a 10k race yesterday. All-out at just below 40min. Fitness went from 16 to 18. Is this to be expected? Other things than heart rate zones that should be checked?

Grateful for any tip 👍

Without knowing your zones and the activity it's not possible to make reliable statements. But in general it sounds about right, 40 min aren't that long so even with an all out you wouldn't make an extremely high Relatve Effort for this activity.