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Fitness - random values?

Hi,I do running training 4-5 times a week with a friend. 2-3 of those are intervals. We do more or less the same kind of runs, or at least very comparable. We also consider ourselves to have approx the same fitness level. Except on Strava, we recentl...

Kim1 by Mt. Kenya
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Murph Challenge 2024

Anyone training for Murph this year on Memorial Day?The workout: 1 mile run100 pull-ups200 push-ups300 squats1 mile runwearing a 20lb weight vest!You don't have to do the reps straight through. One of the most common variations is 20 sets x (5 pull-u...

Shant by Denali
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! Steps are not displayed in the feed after walks

 Hello dear community,unfortunately, after my walks, no step count is displayed in the activity feed, only the altitude. Is there somewhere I can set this? I record my walks and other activities with a Garmin Forerunner 265.Thank you for your help!

cmttr by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Fitness score

I don't understand the fitness score. If I do a very hilly slow run, then my fitness score only goes up by 1. The same distance on flat tarmac at average pace, my fitness score goes up far more. It doesn't appear to take account of elevation gain or ...

Dsimmons by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Run Training using Power Zone

Hello Everyone,   We all know and understand how to run using the following: Percieved Essertion EffortPaceSpeedHeart Rate Zone And in most cases we use the above metrics in combination however, does anyone have any comprehensive content on how to tr...

Bax by Shkhara
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