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Tuesday Chat With Team Strava - Spotlight on Will

Q:  Hello Will, thanks for joining us for a chat today! Please tell our Community Hub members a little bit about yourself.  A: Hello! I’m Will and I’ve worked on the Community Management team for just under 3 years now. I’m originally from Illinois b...

Spotlight on Will.png Will 2.png Spotlight on Will.png
Soren by Community Manager
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Thank you Strava

What strava has done for me. For me, strava has played a big role in my weight loss journey. And it all started a couple of years ago when a colleague pushed me to lose weight. And wanted me on strava. So he could keep an extra close eye on me and gi...

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Ken by Shkhara
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Tuesday Chat With Team Strava - Spotlight on Sydney

Welcome back to another edition of our series called Tuesday Chat with Team Strava!   This week, we wanted to introduce you to Sydney Gidabuday, an amazing Strava colleague and an American distance runner who runs for the professional running team Ro...

Sydney.png Sydney 3.png Sydney 3 (2).png Sydney 4.png
Lola by Moderator
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3.14 miles or 3.14 pies. What does 𝜋 mean to you on Pi Day?

Although not everyone in the world writes dates in the MM-DD-YYYY format, March 14 or 3/14 gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate Pi Day and most importantly Pie. We love Pi Day at Strava, celebrating every year with our own home made pies share...

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Eve by Community Manager
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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - Share your 2023 Goals here!

Happy New Year and welcome back to Tuesday Chat with Team Strava. As we roll into 2023, the New Year is a time when many of us start to think ahead about what we want to accomplish this year, and how we’re going to get there.  Setting goals can be a ...

190414_Trailrun_0028_2.jpg weights.jpg 190414_Trailrun_0028_2.jpg
Jane by Moderator
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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - World Cup Fever

Growing up Canadian, I was not tuned into the world of professional soccer (football). By “not tuned in”, I mean I didn’t know it existed.  Like most Canadians, I lived and breathed the sport of ice hockey, or as we called it, hockey. In a land where...

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Jane by Moderator
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