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How Do You Push Through?

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Let’s admit it, we don’t always feel like getting up to exercise.

Whether it’s cold outside or we’re tired from the previous day, it’s challenging to get moving when we don’t really want to.

Yet we dig deep and find ourselves outside (or in the gym) sweating.

For me personally, whenever I don’t feel like exercising I think about how there’s someone out there getting better while I’m not.

That’s enough for me to get up and get moving!💪

What about you? 
What keeps you motivated to be active and exercise even on the days you don’t want to?


STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Pico de Orizaba

My exercise divide’s between walking and cycling.  

walking us easy.  Have you ever tried telling an English Spring er Spaniel that he doesn’t want a walk?   They are inexhaustible.  

Cycling is harder but that’s what friends are for.   Ease up on training and you get dropped on the hills and it’s not fair to your group. 

Moderator Moderator

There have been sooooo many times when I've not felt like working out or getting out on my bike. Whether it's due to not feeling well, being tired, or just not feeling it, I've crossed that bridge a time or two. And, every time I've not done a work out it's made me sad.  

At some point, I started implementing the one-minute rule. Basically, I'm giving myself a pep talk saying something like, "Okay, you aren't feeling well, but let's try working out for one minute, and if it's too much, stop." So I did and then one minute turned to two minutes and then five minutes and before you know it I completed my full workout. I always felt better, more awake, and less lethargic.

I also know it's super important to listen to our bodies and know when not to work out, but during those times when my brain is tricking me into thinking I'm not feeling well the one-minute rule really helps me figure it out and to challenge myself even if it is only for a minute.

STRAVA | Developer Hub Team


Thanks for sharing that!  Super interesting and it sounds like it really works too.  I use a similar strategy for running.  If I don't want to do it, I tell myself I just have to do one mile.  Usually I end up getting into it and doing more, but taking away the "all or nothing" mentality helps me stay consistent.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team