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Happy June! Come say Hi & join us in celebrating Pride 🏳️‍🌈

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! We’re almost halfway through 2024 and it’s great to see all the Community Hub members that have joined our community recently - we’re happy to have you here. June brings us many celebrations & sporting events; read belo...

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 11.12.48 AM.png Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 10.26.56 AM.png Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 10.45.08 AM.png Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 10.45.21 AM.png
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Resolved! (RESOLVED) Activities selectively not being pushed to feed

I ran a race yesterday and it's acting as if it's been muted, when I definitely hasn't. On the other hand my warmup is showing just fine. I've received significantly more kudos on my warmup than the race. Thought it was a one off but the same thing h...

New on the comunity hub

Hi!I got suggested to present myself so here we are!I'm a 22M and I've been using Strava since 2017 and premium subscriber since 2020. I did many sports in my life ranging from the most normal sports to the most extremes likes kitesurfing. But I star...

bat by Shkhara
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Camp Strava 2024: New Features Revealed!

Hey Hub Members!! Have you heard of Camp Strava? Camp Strava is an annual event gathering of incredible athletes, explorers, community builders, event organizers and world-class brands that drive movement across the globe. New product features are an...

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 2.45.32 PM.png Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 1.53.30 PM.png
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Resolved! My activities only showing under "you" not on the homepage

All my correctly synced activities are only showing up under the YOU tab not on the homepage feed. Others can see my activities correctly as I am getting kudos. However the only way I can see them is via the YOU tab? This is only a recent issue,  it ...

Resolved! No response from support team

What are the standard SLA for support tickets, I have submitted multiple tickets on behalf of my partner who is unable to access her account and my ticket has sat unresponded to for almost a week now.The first ticket I created (same issue) somehow ma...

Resolved! Washington DC Area Athletes?

Greetings everyone!  Just a quick hello here, and invitation to connect if you're up for joining competitions! Also a special shout out to athletes in the Washington DC/VA/MD metropolitan area! Cheers, JohnnyD  

The French Open 2024

Hey Tennis Lovers! The second of the four annual Grand Slam tournaments, the Roland Garros Tournament, started on Monday, May 20! Also known as the French Open, this tournament will be held over 2 weeks at the Stade Roland Garros stadium. Played on c...

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 11.00.32 AM.png Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 11.06.22 AM.png Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 10.43.34 AM.png Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 11.08.37 AM.png
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Resolved! Locked out of my account

I am locked out of my account with all of my activities on and when I try to change password it keeps taking me to open a new account.I have deleted the new accounts I have opened but I know my old account is still active as my friends can see my act...

SKC by Mt. Kenya
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