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Resolved! How to view older activities?

HiHow do I see older activities of friends? Dashboard only goes a short way back and shows just 'recent activities'. I'd like to go back approx 1 year.Thanks for any ideas

Come on in and say Hi!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by the Hub. We’ve had a great start to 2024 and the Strava Community Hub team sends a big welcome to all the members that have joined this year. And to all our returning members, thank you for all your contributions to th...

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Resolved! USA Olympic Team Trials Marathon this Saturday

Live tracking map of the athletes: a live tracking map available during the Olympics?It would be cool if we could do this in Strava.

Shant by Mount Logan
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Resolved! segment question

Hi folks;I'm doing route planning for a charity gran fondo in Ontario Canada.  We're wondering about the idea of including a Strava segment on two of the routes.  We would do prizing for the KOM, QOM and perhaps fastest seniors participating in our e...

Resolved! changing email

Hi, I need to change my email address as I am changing provider.Every time I try, I get this message."Access to this account is temporarily suspended. Please try again later."Why would my account access be suspended ?Can you help ?Crewie 

Crewie by Shkhara
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Wisdom Wednesday - January 17th, 2024

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday! Every other Wednesday we'll drop a question in the Community Hub. You then have 9 days (that's until the following Friday) to showcase your Strava knowledge and answer the question. Question: What is Relative Effort ...

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Resolved! e-Bike watts

I was wondering if anyone knows how Strava calculates 'watts' for an e-bike ride?Technically, the e-bike knows how much assist it is adding, but I do not know if it exports that data, or if Strava can access the data.My typical analog bike ride is ab...

Australian Open Time! 🎾

Hey tennis fans! The first of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments has begun. The 112th edition of the Australian Open will be held from January 14-28 at Melbourne Park. Along with the other three, the French Open (May/June), Wimbledon (June/July),...

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Resolved! Price differences

I just received a notice that my subscription is increasing from US$59 to 79. I live in Taiwan but bill through the US.  At the same time my friend I Taiwan was told hs is decreasing from 59 to 47...Why such wild nations in pricing?  How can they jus...