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I ran every street in Manhattan (Recorded with Strava)

Mt. Kenya

On December 19th, I finished running every single block of every street and avenue in Manhattan. It took me all year and covered roughly 750 miles, not including the times I had to double back.

On this date in 1954, 65-year old Thomas Keane  finished walking every street in Manhattan, a feat that the New York Times included coverage of. Fifty years later to the day, Columbia University librarian Caleb Smith  repeated Keane’s accomplishment. After running two miles down Madison Avenue, I carried on a tradition that has now lasted for almost 70 years, bringing my pointless but difficult quest to run every street in Manhattan to a close.

I would record each run with Strava and export the GPX data, then combine it with a previous run using to create an ongoing map of my progress. It wasn't until after I finished that I learned of the feature on Strava that allows you to view a personal heatmap,, which would've been tremendously helpful. Overall, it was a fun adventure & I'm happy to have finished it!


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Hey @JasonGirouard
What an amazing accomplishment and I love the visual that you included. Thanks for sharing!

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