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New Activity - Call it “Training Recovery”

Mt. Kenya

Hi Strava Community,


Is there anyone else out there like me who does a lot of self care and training recovery and wants to log it on strava?

I’d like to make it where more of us are:

1. Doing preventative activities together as a group

2. Sharing what we are doing as training recovery and self care to inspire others on our feed so we stay healthy and get stronger

3. Providing accountability to do the training recovery work outside of the actual workouts by posting, giving kudos, tagging, and sharing what we are doing for self care.

Does this appeal to anyone and how could we make this happen Strava? 

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Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, what a great topic! I keep telling myself that I should probably stretch more, but I do log the occasional recovery/prehab session as a workout. We had another member spark a discussion about this not too long ago in this thread here.
And I'd also like to share some relevant ideas that exist that you can vote/comment on if you like: 

Add injuries to time line

Create activity types such as "Physical Therapy", ''Recovery'' etc.

New Challenge Idea - Recover App



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