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Reflections of a Runner (Running Philosophy Book)


Hi all,

I wrote a book called  "Reflections of a Runner:  365 Verses from the Heart"

Strava helped me write this book because I use Strava like a journal for thoughts. I took my Strava posts that were reflections/poetry and combined them together into this book, then cut down until I had the 365 best verses in 8 chapters and 85 pages. The book is focused on the philosophy of running and explores thoughts on racing, time, courage, mindset, art, purpose, wisdom, and training.  

The purpose of this book is to inspire you to create and turn the act of running into an art!

If you are interested in philosophy and running, I think you will really enjoy the book. This is not a traditional book that is read from beginning to end. Read one verse or one page of verses, then stop. Put the book away or use the other half of the page as a place for reflection. Write your thoughts.

I encourage you to write your own reflections in the book, in a journal, or on your Strava posts!

Here are some of my favorite verses from the book:

  • If you inspire one person to believe in themselves, you change the world 🙏

  • We can't defeat Time, but we can turn the hourglass and create Infinity

  • We were born to create, but everywhere we are consumed 💧🔥

  • What's on the other side of fear? Freedom 🚀

  • Every path leads back home 🌠

We are all creating every day that we post on Strava. 

It's the act of creating that gives our art purpose. To keep going. To break through walls. To face and let go of fear.

And our writing is worth it even if it inspires one person to try something new.

Please share feedback and your thoughts with me. This is my first book, so I will update it in the future to correct issues and make it better. You will have access to the updated versions of this ebook. 

Thank you for your support! 
Shant 🙏

Shant Hagopian
Attorney & Athlete
Next race: LA Marathon (3/17/24)
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