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Different Sort Options for Community Activity Feeds?


Is there a way to add the option to sort the feed here in the community forums by the "Most Recent Activity" or just "Recent Activity"? 

Right now, there are four sort options on the main Community Hub dashboard page, Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Commented, and Most Liked.  The "Most Recent" is close, but it only shows the most recently created new threads.  What I, and I know others, would like is to be able to see the threads that have most recently been commented on so we know what new activity there has been even if it isn't necessarily a whole new thread.  Many old ideas/threads get responses, but people never see them unless they happen to have subscribed to that thread or scroll through all of the old threads and try to remember how many comments it used to have.  Often, the original post in a thread may not be of enough interest to comment on initially, but a follow up question or comment may be.  


Strava Alumni

Thanks for posting this question.

This is an excellent question and bizarrely timely as I was just reading about different ways we can bring different sort option views into the activity feed beyond the standard ones. I see that being able to sort by threads with the latest responses regardless of original post date and also by the latest original posts by chronological date is helpful.

There are other options we can include such as Unanswered Topics or Topics without a Solution (i.e They have an answer but no marked solution) could be interesting to people who are looking to share their expertise. 

Interested to hear your thoughts on any other sort option that you think would be interesting to you as well as the broader community from anyone who wants to chime in on this thread. 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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@LouB - Just wanted to circle back to this subject and see if there has been any progress on adding other sort options for the feeds.  Still looking for the option to sort by most recent activity so older posts that are getting talked about get moved to the top of the feed.

Funny, right after posting this I went back to the feed and it appears to be sorted by most recent activity.  I see the heading of the sort is still listed as "Most Recent", but appears to be applying to the activity in the thread rather than just new posts.  There is probably a need for both options, newest post and most recent activity if possible.  I like to sort by both options at different times based on what I am looking for.

Thanks for the nudge on this. You beat me to it I was just trying an experiment on the setting that allows that Most Recent to show you what posts have the most recent activity regardless of original post date. I also agree if we do that then we need another option to sort by Newest for a chronological list. 

What are your thoughts on the current Most Recent organization is this what you were looking for?

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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@LouB - thank you for considering this update.  As far as other sort options, the common ones I know of would also include the opposites of what you already have.  When new users join a forum, sometimes they want to see the oldest threads/posts and some of the lesser discussed things, so having a way to sort the reverse of what you already have could be beneficial.  You may not need the opposite of everything, but at least have an option for "Oldest Post" might be useful for some.