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missing activity id from 'get_logged_in_athlete_activities'


When I use the python API to get the activities from the logged in user, I want to display the heart rate as well, which i don't get in the summary and thats already annoying.

So I need to make a separate call to the activity/{id}. But now I find out that i don't get the ID in the summary either. I've tried to upload_id but thats not working either. 

Does anyone have a solution for this?


Mount Logan

ID should definitely be included in the summary, it's the first parameter listed @

I'm not familiar with the Python library you're using to access the API, I just did a quick test with postman and I see an ID for every activity returned. I also see the fields has_heartrate, average_heartrate, and max_heartrate if those are useful for what you're trying to do to avoid the extra call to activity/{id}. 

yea it is with a regular http request, but its not through the python package. I've solved it by just making a regular call now towards the api