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Resolved! Segment History

Hi, is it possible to get to a segment's history? I'm looking to see what activity a given segment has over the past 7-14 days, as a way of getting 'conditions' for a route / trail.

Revoking old users

I have noticed on my API Settings page that there's a limit to the amount of users an app can have. I know (based on API access) that a large percentage of users installed my app, tried it out and never used it again. My question is then: how can I r...

Authentication process canceled

Hello,I developed an web app, it works very well in localhost, but when I deploy it, I am able to retrieve Strava activities, I have a problem during authentication.My error message is:AuthCanceled at /oauth/complete/strava/Authentication process can...

PAXOKA by Mt. Kenya
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I would like to show to my users that they are using the Strava API with limit (100 request per 15 minutes, etc.)The Strava API has HTTP response header for that : X-Ratelimit-Usage and X-Ratelimit-Limit I would like to use them in the HTTP javascrip...

Resolved! Api v3 Auth Error

Hi, I'm having problems exchanging the access code for the token.I'm in Android Studio in Java.First I load this URL into my Web View :String authUrl = "" + "client_id=" + clientId + "&redirect_uri...

Minapps by Mt. Kenya
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