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Resolved! Request: Add ANT+ sensors to Activity GET request

I would like to build a webhook that assigns the correct bike to newly uploaded activities by looking at what ANT+ sensors were used with the activity. Would it be possible to add identifiers of the ANT+ sensors to the Activity GET request to enable ...

Clubs endpoint documentation update

Can you please update the clubs documentation at The data returned does not match the docs and there is some limit to the pagination effecting the number of activities that can be returned. Man...

Nick by Shkhara
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Resolved! Authentication Scope

Hi Folks,Trying to use the API to get some of my data out of Strava. I managed to created an API token which works as a bearer token to access the API.However I noticed the scope is "read" per:In order to access

Exie by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! HeartRate

Hello In my application I want to retrieve the heart rate for an activity: the time spent in each zone. I use: "" Indeed there is the average and maximum frequency. But I would like the tim...

Charly by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Register an App w/o Subscription

My understanding is that the only way to register multiple apps is to create an account for each, as a single account cannot be associated with more than one app. As such I set up a new account, however was unable to register my new app as I did not ...

Resolved! Get Authenticated Athlete's Profile Privacy

Hey, Does anyone know how to access whether the authenticated athlete has a "public" or "followers" only profile? I understand that there is a visibility/private attribute on activities but there isn't one on a profiles. See DetailedAthlete: https://...

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 21.32.04.png
rorhug by Shkhara
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Resolved! API doc correction: deauthorization endpoint response

Hello,I think there's a small typo in the documentation of the deauthorization endpoint's response. The doc says that the endpoint "responds with the refresh tokens that were revoked", but it seems to respond with the access token that was revoked.Cy...

Cyril by Mt. Kenya
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