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Resolved! Group Challenges

I am currently doing a group distance charity and tracking through strava - i've allowed workouts to be apart of the challenge, however they don't take any distance off, how can we change this or calculate to distance

Does "explore segments" only retrieve *my* segments?

I'm trying to use the API to discover local cycle routes to try out. I'm trying with a GET request on "explore segments": it always returns an empty segments array []Here's ...

ados by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! 401 error for GET requests

I'm unable to perform any GET requests after completing the initial auth setup and successfully exchanging the auth token for refresh token, access token, and expiration date. The POST was successful and I can see my athlete info, but unable to do GE...

Resolved! Strava oauth username null

Hi guys, playing around with strava api and authorization using next.auth. I found out, that my account has username equal 'null' (e.g. curl -G Is it normal?

kubej by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Athlete Activities Auth Error

Hello,When I try to get a list of athlete activities, I get the following error: { "message": "Authorization Error", "errors": [ { "resource": "AccessToken", "field": "activity:read_permission", "co...

Resolved! Official strava list for UNIQUE_DEVICE_NAME

Hi everyone,As mentioned here in the documentation Device Mapping, strava maintains an official UNIQUE_DEVICE_NAME list for each wearable device.Where can we find this list?especially for Xiaomi: Xiaomi...

qlefevre by Mt. Kenya
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