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ERROR - code: 'missing'

Hey!I'm trying to build a personal website that displays my weekly mileage through Strava's API!Unfortunately I keep getting the following error:message: 'Authorization Error', errors: [ { resource: 'AccessToken', field: 'activity:r...

vxnuaj by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Don't receive heart rate data from activities API

Hi there!I'm retrieving my latest run with the following endpoint: /athlete/activities and then the method "getLoggedInAthleteActivities". This works well, but I don't get the same response as the sample response given there. I don't get anything bac...

TCX comparison vs Stream/Lap data from api

HI,I'm currently looking into using the strava api to export my activities to Gpx/Tcx (or any other format that suits my needs) because Garmin doesn't offer such a service / api. When looking into the data and comparing an activity from Garmin, expor...

Resolved! Rate Limit Exceeded but not really

Hello,I'm trying to load data from a segment `/api/v3/segments/[id]` that gives me a "Rate Limit Exceeded" error.However, the quota does not seems to be reached: I log the usage and I get something like: Instant usage: 75/600 - Daily usage: 4392/6000...

See if gear is default for sport via API

Has gear-related data that is retrievable by APIs been updated since the default gear by sport update ( was expecting that the data returned by getActivityById would have gear > primary ...

cb1 by Mt. Kenya
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Webhook Subscription returning error

Hi, I am trying to implement Strava webhook but I need to call the subscription API first to create a webhook subscription. I keep getting the following error for some reason even though I am doing everything according to the webhooks documentation:{...

hrd022 by Shkhara
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