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"challenge token contains incorrect token" during webhook creation

Mt. Kenya


does anybody faced the problem on webhook creation process with following error "code: challenge token contains incorrect token"
I cannot found anywhere explanation.

If I modified the "hub.challenge" and set it to null in callback answer the error changed to "challenge response malformed".



You need to respond to the GET request from Strava with the hub.challenge value received in JSON format. The first error you have sounds like the token you've returned doesn't match what came in with the GET request. The second makes complete sense as you responsed with null, so the response is malformed.

I recommend you enable logging on your callback endpoint. Dump the entire contents of the GET request issued by Strava and dump the contents of your JSON response back to Strava. You should be able to confirm that your response is valid JSON with a single key of "hub.challenge" and a value matching what was received in the GET request.