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Stop Strava pushing goals, suggestions for clubs etc

Mt. Kenya

Developers! This is the kind of spam I ended up having to pay for an account for so I wasn't constantly bombarded with internal ads. Now I have them to my paid for account. It's unacceptable. 

Can anyone advise how to turn this spam off in the app? I cannot find it. Is it possible with a REST request or similar via your API?

I have no requirement for anything like this. My alternative is to turn off notifications from Strava completely.


Mt. Kenya

I totally agree!

I have a plan, I have goals, I pay for Strava, I TOTALLY want go be able to turn off the inane screen wasting garbage from Strava! It’s getting worse and worse - no I don’t encourage friends to pay for an account anymore - mostly they can do the things they want through other apps and more and more of us will follow them unless we can customize to strip things down to what’s important to us.


I've never seen such pushes but I can say for sure there isn't any API call that can change user settings.

Thanks Jan, would be a great addition. 

From a Product perspective, it would mean savvy customers can customise their spam from Strava itself, while leaving Strava capable of annoying its main customer base they want. Simples!