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Apple Watch and Byton

Mt. Kenya

Hello, I have a Bryton bike counter and an AppleWatch. The bicycle computer has cadence and speed sensors. Strava collects my data from Bryton. Is it possible to synchronize the heart rate from the watch and the data from the meter so that they are visible on Strava? Currently, my calories are much lower on Strava than on the watch training app.


Thank you for your help


Moderator Moderator

Hello @PawelRo 

Thanks for your post. Currently, there's no way on Strava to combine two recorded streams of data into one activity.  This is an idea that has been suggested and you can vote for it at this link.

Have you checked to see if you can pair your Apple Watch to your Bryton device as a heart rate sensor? If that's possible then the Bryton recorded stream of data would include the HR data, and that would sync as one stream to your Strava account.  I would suggest checking in with Bryton to see if that's on option.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team