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huawei watch heart rate



I have a Huawei watch that synchronizes with strava, but I usually cannot check heart rate in strava. I thought it was because I didn't have a strava subscribtion so, simply, strava wasn't showing me the data. However, I have just started a 1 month free trial, but I still can't see any heart rate info. Does anyone knows if heart rate from huawei can be uploaded to strava?

Thanks a lot, regards


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Hello @msilveira 

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Mt. Kenya

The problem lies squarely with Huawei. The update to Strava does not have heart rate data. A third party app is able to retrieve this via Huawei's API and forward to Strava - but at a cost.

Huawei also has limited external sensor support and only via bluetooth. As far as I can see, just some heart rate straps (not my Scoche Rythm+).

This is more a lifestyle watch than a true sports watch and I think Huawei's marketing has been deceptive.

If, for example: healthsync - can read the heart data from Huawey and strava cannot, why do you say that "the problem lies squarely with Huawey"? why can't Strava do whatever healthsync does? Is there a reason? Legal or other?

Strava gets data pushed to them from various sources of workout data. It is not their role to gain authorisation to access your data then pull it from Huawei. Why should they burden their server with this extra task when all Huawei needs to do is add the HR data to the file they push up to Strava.

The Huawei server seems painfully slow. Perhaps they are protecting their own bandwidth? Perhaps they earn a little something from each copy of Health sync?

Seems like poor business practice to me.


Mt. Kenya

I have the same problem with my hwawei heart rate data can't sync to strava, and it seems strava hasn't solution yet

Mt. Kenya

same problem here with my GT4. Any solution?

The solution that works wonders for me is to buy Health Sysc app. You can try it for free to see if it suits you (works perfectly fine for me) and if yes, then buy it for lifetime for like $4 or something like that.

Same problem with gt4. Health Sync don't work with IOS; is there an alternative app for IOS?

Mt. Kenya

I have exactly the same problem with my Huawei gt 2 pro. My gf has no issues with exporting all of her data from Amazfit gtr 2e with ZEPP. 
Please fix this asap.

Mt. Kenya


I have the same problem. I completely uninstalled the apps. deleted all past data. reinstalled everything. gave all permissions to both apps.

but it gives heart rate insights error. no heart rate data for running cycling swimming nothing. heart rate is the most important thing for me.

if this problem is not solved, I will not continue after 1 month trial. but this problem, it will be a serious loss for huawei and strava

pls help us