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[Known Issue] Strava map displays incorrect ride end point


On my last 3 rides, my Strava route shows that I ended my ride sooner than I actually did. I sync my Sigma ROX 11.0 bike computer to Strava and upload my data after each ride. My Sigma app shows that I did the full route, however, Strava seems to come up with a random endpoint. This is not a privacy setting since that appears grey when looking at my routes, this is actually a little checkered flag showing I ended my ride in a location that I did not. I have attached images of my Sigma route map and my Strava route map for your information.

Sigma map:

Sigma app mapSigma app map

Strava map:

Strava app mapStrava app map


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UPDATE: We have confirmed with Sigma's engineers that the issue is on their end. Sigma has requested that athletes currently experiencing this issue reach out to their support team directly for further assistance with resolving the issue. You can reach their support team here:

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Mt. Kenya

I have the same problem with Sigma ROX 10.0.

Mt. Kenya

Ho, I'm experiencing the same issue. Did one find a (manual) solution yet?

Mt. Kenya

Side effect of all this unwillingness: When pausing in a segment, one can easily get the KOM/QOM. Chances for a fix are higher in case of lots of bs times. Did the mile in 15 seconds today 😉

Mt. Kenya

Sigma rox 11.1 same problem... 

this is answer:

Hello customer,

Thank you for your message.

STRAVA has made some changes to the calculation of the distances. As a result, manual break times are now deducted from your distance traveled at the end of your recording. We have not made a change that is causing the problem, but STRAVA has changed something in the calculation of the distances.

This problem is not present in our applications and in Training Peaks, Komoot etc., but only in STRAVA.

We are looking into how we can now adapt our devices to STRAVA. I cannot tell you at the moment whether this change is possible.

You can use the following workaround:

> Import the .fit file / tcx. file directly via the Strava website

> Do not use pause mode, i.e. no manual pause and no automatic pause. You can also share the file via the RIDE APP , LINK APP or the DATA CENTER to STRAVA.

We wish you a pleasant day.


WHAT is the problem with STRAVA interface ? WHY? CAN'T YOU FIX THIS **bleep**!

Mt. Kenya

I have the same problem. recorded with rox 11.0. I uploaded first with android app, then with the PC and the result was the same. finally I uploaded manually the FIT file, and again the same. Only when I uplaoded the tcx file it was working, but I lost all my power values. Still not a good solution.

Yes, same for me. Uploading the tcx is fine for me, but i hate that the data for calories and power is wrong with that method. Submitted a ticket at sigma and hoping for a reply, in the meantime i am trying to switch off the automatic pause, but i dont like that solution either...

Mt. Kenya

Problem is still present with Sigma Rox 11.0. I`ve also submitted a ticket last year and Strava accused that the problem is on the Sigma side, Sigma accused Strava that the problem is on their side. So what now??

Use your ROX without manual and automatic pause then you will also have the exact distance in STRAVA. 

Mt. Kenya

Virtual/Indoor rides too. Its affecting Challenges. I've just done a 100KM indoor ride and Strava lists it as an 86Km ride. Sigma Rox 11. looking back its affected my last 4 indoor rides ..Regards