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Strava cyclocomputer pairing

Mt. Kenya


is there any way to make Strava speed calculations accurate 100%? I was thinking about pairing Strava with some cyclocomputer that uses a classic magnet piece attached to the spoke. However, after my research, I found that Strava can be paired only with cyclocomputers that use GPS to calculate speed/max speed. That sucks a bit. 

Is there any other way to have speed calculations right?




Mount Logan

@ChrisBerry He meant the activity analysis, where Strava only uses GPS. But I don't think Strava will change that behaviour as that would depend on everyone using a exactly calibrated speed sensor.


You can pair a wheel mounted speed sensor with your computer and it will give you a much more accurate speed reading than relying on GPS. 

This is exactly what I meant 😄

But I want a 'magnet on the spoke' system, not a gyroscope because it's not 100% accurate.

So my question is probably: Does anyone know a computer that works with classic 'magnet' and can be paired with Strava?

That would be basically every cycling computer on the market, like from Wahoo, Garmin, Karoo and countless others. But you will see this exact speed only during the ride and not afterwards in the activity view in the Strava ap or website, because Strava only uses GPS there.

Mt. Kenya


Mount Logan

What do you mean, speed during recording with the Strava app or the speed in the activity view after the ride is done?

I meant after the ride is done. 

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