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Resolved! Horsemanship Stopped Loading as Workout

I have been tracking my equestrian activities for several years on Garmin and started to load them as Workouts to Strava about a year ago.   A few days ago, they stopped loading into Strava even though all my other activities (run, walk, bike) still ...

HPHaven by Mt. Kenya
  • 16 replies
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Resolved! Tool(s) for revising a bad GPS track?

Hi all, is there an external tool that I can use to revise a GPS track and re-import it back to Strava? For some reason my GPS watch lost signal for a few miles on a run. So it shows a straight-line on the map, and the mileage is messed up. I was fol...

Resolved! Stop primary biking screen timeout?

Using iPhone 8+ . Starting a bike ride I see my heart rate and all the details I want. After a bit the screen changes to a map! I can’t find where I go where I can leave the HR live and keep tracking all the details live! My phone is not doing it bec...

Billmc by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Polar ignite 3 does not sync with Strava

Hiya! my polar flow and Strava seem to be connected (through partners in polar) but data is not syncing and device does not appear in Strava  any suggestions on how to resolve this?  I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps without success

Resolved! Galaxy Watch 4

I'm not getting heart rate data into Strava and I can't figure out why / how. I've done 2 rides now, starting once in Samsung health and once in Strava. Health always records my heart rate as I ride, but the data isn't getting to Strava app. If I sta...

vve1505 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Jagged GPS recording with iPhone 13 mini

My shiny new iPhone 13 mini has apparent issues with jagged GPS tracks, consistently adding some 2-5% to the total route length. For an illustration, check out the two runs of mine: the first from August recorded with iPhone 8, and the second from Oc...

jdujic by Shkhara
  • 12 replies
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Watch OS 10 update

I'm looking into buying a Bike computer and with the update to cycling in the workout app for the apple watch and with it's screen matching to the iPhone.  Would the iPhone be a good substitute for a bike computer.  

Resolved! End of activity cut-off when syncing

Hi,I hope I've put this in the right place.I've been using Strava for several years, but earlier this year got the Pixel Watch to make my tracking more accurate, to give heart rate etc.  I use the Strava App on the watch and use it for both running a...

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