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Moving time Apple workout not correct

Hello, I thanks since a few weeks strava doesn’t update the Moving time After sync workout. i use the Apple Watch and the workout running app to record my runs. When i’m done, i open the strava app and sync the workout. After few seconds the run is o...

Resolved! Horsemanship Stopped Loading as Workout

I have been tracking my equestrian activities for several years on Garmin and started to load them as Workouts to Strava about a year ago.   A few days ago, they stopped loading into Strava even though all my other activities (run, walk, bike) still ...

HPHaven by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Huawei Health to Strava

I have a Huawei GT3 watch that I use to track my running activities. This goes to the Huawei Health app. It is disclosed that it is possible to tune with Strava. I did everything right and the application is ok - associated. however only one activity...

NunoEu by Mt. Kenya
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Swim pace incorrect

Hello - my swim which is imported from my Garmin Forerunner 645 music is being calculated incorrectly by Strava. The pace is showing as 1.59/100m however the lap analysis shows that no lap exceeds 1.55 (see images below). On my Garmin app the pace is...

Screenshot_20230515_215855_Strava.jpg Screenshot_20230515_215913_Strava.jpg
Abi11 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava & Apple

Hi,I have some questions relating to Strava & Apple Watch/iPhone.Why does Strava have to make everything so awkward? Other, so called lesser apps can turn on the water lock automatically when you start a swim activity, so why can’t Strava?? I’ve noti...

Resolved! Apple Watch Synch Issue

Hi there, I’ve tried the steps in the article here. Something weird I noticed is that I managed to get the 4 runs I did in Dec imported. However, I can’t seem to get my 1st Jan 2023 run sync to the the app. Is there a bug or is there something that I...

Alv by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Rock Climbing with Apple Watch

I tried recording Rock Climbs on my Apple Watch, however it only records time and heart rate. So, no GPS data, no Elevation gain. Is this a specific limitation of the Apple Watch app? To overcome this I record the climb as a Hike, then change it to R...

phirst by Pico de Orizaba
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